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Nov 10, 2009

Marketplace for Tuesday, November 10, 2009

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Segments From this episode

Nuclear-powered fan of 'cap and trade'

Nov 10, 2009
John Rowe, CEO of Exelon, the nation's biggest generator of nuclear power, talks about why he favors part of the Senate's energy bill, and where his industry fits in an era of climate change.

Disabled workers have a tougher time

Nov 10, 2009
The mentally disabled want to work as much as anybody does, but jobs for them are even tougher to come by -- especially during a recession. David Martin Davies reports.

Dow's ups and downs fuel fear, anxiety

Nov 10, 2009
The Dow has been on a hair-raising ride in the past week, with swings of a couple hundred points up or down. While the blue chips are up 50% from their lows in March, the volatility has made reporter Rico Gagliano anxious. He tells us why.

Dodd's reform bill offers safeguards

Nov 10, 2009
Senate Banking Committee Chairman Christopher Dodd has released his 1,136-page reform bill. Among its many proposals are tighter rules on Wall Street and a unified banking regulator. Steve Henn reports.

FHA may need a bailout of its own

Nov 10, 2009
The next group in line for a government bailout could be a branch of the government itself. The Federal Housing Administration is said to be running out of money. Jeff Tyler reports on what a broke FHA would mean for the real-estate industry.

Google raises stakes in mobile ad game

Nov 10, 2009
Google is buying a company called AdMob, which specializes in placing ads on mobile devices. Smart phones and the like are expected to be the new frontier for marketers. With Google in the game, the stakes just got higher. Joel Rose reports.

Obama has full agenda for China trip

Nov 10, 2009
During his eight-day swing through Asia, President Obama will spend three days with Chinese officials. To get some idea of what might be at the top of the president's list of topics, Kai Ryssdal talked with China scholar Kenneth Lieberthal.

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