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Marketplace for Tuesday December 30, 2014

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Airing on Tuesday December 30, 2014: How AirAsia will handle the insurance payouts to families of victims. Plus, the federal government’s final reckoning of the auto-industry bailout shows it lost $9 billion on an $80 billion investment. So what did the industry and the economy get for that $9 billion?

Segments From this episode

Congo tries to stage a coffee comeback

by Sabri Ben-Achour Dec 17, 2014
Farmers in Eastern Congo try to relaunch an industry destroyed by civil war.

'Fiscal year' explainer ... in verse!

by David Weinberg Dec 30, 2014
The mnemonic device you've been waiting for: Limerick defines a fiscal year.

Why AirAsia insurance payouts could vary

by Scott Tong Dec 30, 2014
Airlines compensating grieving families can essentially pay what they see fit.
Final Note

Economists might have a sense of humor after all

by Adriene Hill Dec 30, 2014
At a Boston conference, a panel plans to embrace "economics humor."

Estimating costs and benefits of the auto bailout

by Adam Allington Dec 30, 2014
The auto bailout cost taxpayers $9 billion. Was it worth it? Mostly.
Learning Curve

Fuhu: The company that grew 158,000 percent in 2014

by Adriene Hill and Tommy Andres Dec 30, 2014
Leaders of Fuhu don't want company to lose entrepreneurial spirit amid all the expansion.

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Sad Machine Porter Robinson
Escapee Architecture In Helsinki
Summertime - Organica Remix Billie Holiday, Scott Schlacter

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