Dec 29, 2009

Marketplace for Tuesday, December 29, 2009

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Signs of instability in home prices

Dec 29, 2009
Of the 20 cities in the Standard & Poors/Case-Shiller Index, fewer than half of them saw prices rise in October compared to a month earlier. Why was the index basically flat after five months of gains? Amy Scott reports.

New gear or better info for air safety?

Dec 29, 2009
When it comes to strengthening airline security, how does the return on investment for checkpoint screeners and high-tech scanners compare to money spent on behind-the-scenes intelligence? Bob Moon reports.

Time Warner, Fox battle it out

Dec 29, 2009
Fox says that unless it can reach a deal with Time Warner cable by Friday on the price of its programming, it's going to pull the plug on some Time Warner subscribers. The standoff points to changing business models in the media business. Jeff Tyler reports.

Is the recession over if you're jobless?

Dec 29, 2009
Even if the recession is over, the prospect of a growing economy without a comparable increase in employment has given rise to the phrase "jobless recovery." Marketplace's Mitchell Hartman reviews this past year's labor market with Kai Ryssdal.

NFL needs L.A. to reach Latino market

Dec 29, 2009
Sportswriter and commentator Jon Wertheim says getting a National Football League team for Los Angeles and its Latino sports fans would help the league toward its goal of having football rival futbol as the world's game.

Champagne's bubble bursts

Dec 29, 2009
The Champagne industry has lost a lot of its fizz in the last couple of years, along with the rest of the economy. Jeremy Hobson reports.

It's not easy to pass film fest's screener

Dec 29, 2009
Sundance and Cannes get all the attention but film festivals are being held around the world at almost any time of year. So Cash Peters figured it would be easy to enter one, get discovered, and make lots of money. He reports on his experience.

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