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Recent veterans not only have higher unemployment than the rest of the population, they also have higher unemployment rates relative to other veterans. If sequestration happens, America's meat inspectors may be furloughed. Gun-maker Sturm, Ruger and Co.'s sales were up 50 percent last year. The CEO of The Veggie Grill talks about the business of making vegetarian fast food that tastes good. Jack Lew was sworn in today as the new Treasury Secretary, and with massive federal spending cuts possibly on the horizon for tomorrow, he probably didn't have an easy first day. We explore how you can avoid pitfalls on the first day of a new job.

Founder and CEO Andrew Mason fired from Groupon

"If you're wondering why," Mason wrote in his farewell email, "You haven't been paying attention."
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Getting America to eat more plants, one restaurant at a time

Former Baja Fresh CEO Greg Dollarhyde is slowly expanding his newest healthy fast-food chain Veggie Grill.
Posted In: Veggie Grill, restaurants, Food, vegetarian

Why Wall Street pay won't be curbed, ever

The European Union sparked a bankers’ revolt when it moved to curb their bonuses. Despite Americans’ dismay with Wall Street, caps won’t happen here.
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'First day on the job' horror stories

On Jack Lew's first day at Treasury, with the sequester looming, we look at those who've had worse first days, and what lessons they can take from it.
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Negotiating: 'Deal or no deal' works in business, not politics

Businesses issue ultimatums all the time. Politics requires negotiations, whether before -- or after -- a crisis.
Posted In: politics, sequester, sequestration

Gunmaker reports surge in sales -- before Newtown shooting

Sturm, Ruger said a 50 percent increase in sales was driven by President Obama's re-election campaign, when gun owners feared some guns would be harder, or impossible, to buy.
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How the U.S. was formed by smuggling and piracy

A new book explores how smuggling and piracy were a financial foundation of colonial American society.
Posted In: history, American Revolution, piracy

Meat prices could rise if federal budget is sliced

Across-the-board furloughs would reduce the number of food inspectors, possibly affecting prices and supplies of meat.
Posted In: meat, USDA, Food

New veterans might have tough time finding work

Thousands scheduled to return from Afghanistan face job competition from earlier veterans.
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