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Marketplace for Thursday, December 15, 2011

Republican Paul Ryan and Democrat Ron Wyden have introduced a bipartisan proposal today to overhaul Medicare. The Labor Department is trying to get better working conditions for home health care workers. Gold has taken a sharp downturn over market uncertainties. Weekly jobless claims fell to the lowest level since May 2008. Department stores are back this holiday season. The EU was once the hottest club in town, but with its continuing woes and shrinking currency, who wants to join now? And we hear about the qualities of olive oil.

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Olive oil flows from the spigot in West Hollywood at a store called Oliana, purveyor of of fine olive oils.
Brendan Willard
One of the budget issues yet to be resolved in Washington is how to fund long-term unemployment benefits for many Americans.
John Moore/Getty Images
The European Union was once the hottest international club around. Does its debt crisis and infighting make less appealing to those who have waited years to gain admission?

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