May 12, 2006

Marketplace PM for May 12, 2006

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Segments From this episode

Demand for oil is weakening

May 12, 2006
The International Energy Agency says high energy prices are eating into demand for oil. Of coure, there's a catch or two. Amy Scott reports.

Indian students protest affirmative action plan

May 12, 2006
A proposal that would reserve half the seats at India's most prestigious universities for people from the lowest ranks of society is running into opposition from other students. Miranda Kennedy reports.

Good fences make good neighbors . . . eh?

May 12, 2006
The issue of immigration is still rolling around in the American dialogue. Humorist and commentator Tim Bedore has a solution: build a fence. But not just on our border with Mexico. He's taking on Canada as well.

A mom's road back to work is often bumpy

May 12, 2006
Harvard Business Review says the average mom loses 37% of her earning power, if she takes off three or more years. Sarah Gardner reports the road back onto the career track has a few potholes.

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