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Marketplace PM for June 11, 2007
Jun 11, 2007

Marketplace PM for June 11, 2007

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Segments From this episode

A home with no footprint

Jun 11, 2007
British architects and builders have unveiled the nation's first carbon-neutral home. It's designed to emit no greenhouse gases and save a small fortune in energy bills. Stephen Beard reports.

A big day for business at the Supreme Court

Jun 11, 2007
The Supreme Court released four, unanimous business-related opinions today. There was some bad news for Big Tobacco. And, as Steve Henn reports, it wasn't such a good day for unions either.

This will be the summer of Bunco!

Jun 11, 2007
Commentator Sandra Tsing Loh shares her latest obsession with a game that's gaining widespread popularity. It takes luck and absolutely no skill.

Google called worst at protecting privacy

Jun 11, 2007
The activist group Privacy International issued a report about Internet companies it says are the worst about protecting consumer privacy. It ranked Google as the worst. Lisa Napoli reports.

Got money?

Jun 11, 2007
Economists are guessing milk prices will be up 80% this summer. Jill Barshay reports on why the dairy product is suddenly getting so expensive.

Missouri project will slow business traffic

Jun 11, 2007
The Show Me state is spending half a billion dollars to rebuild a 10-mile stretch of I-64 in the heart of St. Louis. The project's so big it's causing some businesses to take their own detours. Tom Weber reports.

Guardian service helps those without support

Jun 11, 2007
A New York nonprofit group is serving as a guardian for persons who for reasons of age, illness or disability can't care for themselves. It's good for the people — and the state, too. Alisa Roth reports.

Brokerages seen as possible takeover targets

Jun 11, 2007
Some independent brokerage houses are seeing their business shrinking, which has some analysts predicting that they might be ripe for a takeover. Bob Moon reports.

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