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Jan 25, 2007

Marketplace PM for January 25, 2007

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Segments From this episode

'Gold-plated' is in the eyes of the beholder

Jan 25, 2007
Consumer advocate Jamie Court says President Bush's proposal to tax healthcare spending above what the government thinks is too much is a raw deal for consumers who have no control over their insurance bills.

China's engine keeps accelerating

Jan 25, 2007
Beijing reported the 2006 economy grew by 10.7%, with a total economic output of almost $2.7 trillion. But could China's growth be too much of a good thing? Alisa Roth reports.

Wheels fall off at Ford

Jan 25, 2007
Ford Motor Company announced it lost $12.7-billion in 2006, which was not only its worst-ever annual performance but the worst for a Detroit automaker. John Dimsdale reports.

China's car of choice? Buick!

Jan 25, 2007
Scott Tong reports from Marketplace's new Shanghai bureau about an alternative universe in China's auto industry.

Conversations From the Corner Office: Bill Marriott

Jan 25, 2007
The head of Marriott International Inc. talks to Kai Ryssdal about why running the world's largest lodging company isn't so different from operating a nine-stool root beer stand.

British Airways cancels flights due to strike threat

Jan 25, 2007
In response to a threatened strike by its cabin crews, British Airways cancelled all of its flights for next Tuesday and Wednesday. Our London bureau chief Stephen Beard talks with host Tess Vigeland about the stand-off.
British Airways tail fins are seen at Heathrow Airport in London.
John D McHugh (c) Getty Images

Skycaps sue American over drop in tips

Jan 25, 2007
Boston's Skycaps have filed a class-action lawsuit against American Airlines, claiming tips have tanked since the airline started charging $2 for each bag checked curbside. Curt Nickisch reports.