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Marketplace for May 31, 2011

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Marketplace for May 31, 2011

Segments From this episode

China: 5-year plan

Day One: Remembering and revisiting China

by Kai Ryssdal May 30, 2011
This week, Marketplace host Kai Ryssdal and a small team return to China -- retracing the steps they took nearly five years ago on a similar trip -- to see what has changed.

Wall Street's era of greed and deceit

by Tess Vigeland May 31, 2011
Jeff Madrick, author of <em>Age of Greed</em>, talks about Wall Street and the financial collapse, and the major players involved.
China: 5-year plan

Excerpt: It's summer in China, kind of

by Marketplace Staff May 31, 2011
Kai Ryssdal and team check in from China with an audio excerpt from day one of their two-week reporting trip. The topic: Weather.

Some lawmakers target Pell Grants for cuts

by Nancy Marshall-Genzer May 31, 2011
The government pays out billions in Pell Grants each year. But critics say there are cases of fraud where students don't use the money for education.

Home is the best stadium

by Jon Wertheim May 31, 2011
The NBA Finals begin tonight in Miami. And fans are learning the best way to watch sports could be from their own living rooms.
China: 5-year plan

Day Two: Signs of change in China

by Kai Ryssdal May 31, 2011
A lot has changed since Marketplace visited China for a special two-week broadcast in 2006. Host Kai Ryssdal offers some observations from his visit this time around.

Germany to shutter all nuclear reactors by 2022

by Scott Tong May 31, 2011
Germany will move towards renewable energy faster than it originally planned. Japan made a similar decision last week.

Airline fees soar

by Jennifer Collins May 31, 2011
They're up $22 billion in the last year. And climbing.

U.S. home prices: Watch out below

by Jeff Horwich May 31, 2011
U.S. home prices fell 5 percent annually in the first quarter, erasing gains after the recession and putting more pressure on homeowners and the economy.
Freakonomics Radio

Freakonomics: The legality of online poker

by Marketplace Staff May 31, 2011
Debating the legality and morality of online poker. Does it pass the "daughter test"? And does the government play a personal role in the decision of whether to outlaw it?

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Baghdad Sun Apollo Brown
Cissy Strut The Meters
Cissy Strut The Meters

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