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Jul 19, 2011

Marketplace for July 19, 2011


Marketplace for July 19, 2011

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Google employee No. 59 on the search giant's early days

Jul 19, 2011
Doug Edwards discusses his new book, "I'm Feeling Lucky," what it was like to do brand management for Google in 1999, and whether the search giant is too successful.

Balanced-budget amendment would do what?

Jul 19, 2011
A Republican proposal for an amendment requiring the U.S. government to balance its budget won't pass Congress. But it's worth looking at why the government doesn't have that requirement.

Weather agency improving wind data

Jul 19, 2011
Weather reports tell you how fast the wind might be -- but not when or how long. A U.S. agency will collect more data on winds so wind-power generators can plan better.

Television is tuned into Comic-Con

Jul 19, 2011
More than 70 TV shows will be at the comic book convention, whether they're sci-fi or not.

What's Zillow's IPO really worth? Hmm...

Jul 19, 2011
As real estate website Zillow.com gets set to go public, the Marketplace Players offer an appraisal of how the stock will do.

U.S. bonds weather stormy seas, for now

Jul 19, 2011
Despite the threat of a potential government default, U.S. Treasury bond prices are firm. Why are investors seemingly calm?
A U.S. savings bond

Comcast kills off Stephen King movie series

Jul 19, 2011
Universal Studios' new owner cites high cost of the movies. But does it make sense to shut down a movie when names like Ron Howard and Javier Bardem are attached?

Inventor develops low-maintenance grass seed

Jul 19, 2011
He says his lawns require no fertilizer and little watering. Homeowners and others see it as a way to save money.

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