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Marketplace for Friday, March 13, 2015

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Airing on Friday, March 13, 2015: Teach for America received nearly 44,000 applications by last week’s deadline  12 percent fewer than last year. Is this a correction given the improving labor market or are potential applicants finding better public service opportunities elsewhere. Plus, this week the FDA released a report suggesting the legal age to buy cigarettes should jump from 18 to 21. The savings to public health costs would be significant, but on the other side of that economic equation is the U.S. tobacco industry. It’s worth $100 billion a year, but for how much longer?

Segments From this episode

Teach For America is getting fewer applicants

by Nova Safo Mar 13, 2015
Fewer applicants for teaching reflects more competition in the job market

Despite headwinds, tobacco industry is still thriving

by Dan Gorenstein Mar 13, 2015
A new report suggests the legal age to buy cigarettes should jump from 18 to 21.
Final Note

It's pi day ... with a twist

by Kai Ryssdal Mar 13, 2015
MIT's admissions notifications are going out at a thoroughly appropriate hour.

Fun Fact Friday: Uber might be ruining our economy

by Gina Martinez Mar 13, 2015
Plus some of the other great stuff we learned listening to Marketplace this week

How money gets burned

by Jed Kim Mar 13, 2015
Hundreds of tons of shredded money are burned each year to generate electricity.

Arianna Huffington wants you to sleep more

by Kai Ryssdal Mar 13, 2015
Media Guru Arianna Huffington touts the importance of sleep in her latest book

The tricky practice of pricing parking

by Tracey Samuelson Mar 13, 2015
Cities are looking at variable rates as a way to raise money and control traffic

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Sad Song Au Revoir Simone
Escapee Architecture In Helsinki
Last Fare Little People

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