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Marketplace for Friday, June 12, 2015

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Airing on Friday, June 12, 2015: The huge transformers that make high-voltage transmission lines possible are expensive, custom-built, not made in America and vulnerable to terrorism, vandalism and nature. So a group of utilities is creating a strategic transformer reserve. Next: last week’s huge federal hack has cast light on an unspoken truth about cybersecurity: security companies — in fact all companies — have decided that cyber crime is now a fact of life. You can’t stop it, so all you can really do is mitigate. What does that mean for corporations trying to secure their data, and how does it play out in the security business? We explore. 

Segments From this episode

Behind The Blue Line

Training is in short supply for police forces

by Sally Herships Jun 12, 2015
Professional development is lacking, experts say, but costs can be prohibitory.

New tool against terrorism: a spare transformer

by Scott Tong Jun 12, 2015
An act of sabotage has the industry thinking about protection now.
Weekly Wrap

Weekly Wrap: Trans-Pacific Partnership and jobs report

by Molly Wood Jun 12, 2015
Nela Richardson and Cardiff Garcia join Molly Wood to recap the week in business and finance.

How data breaches are like the flu

by Adriene Hill Jun 12, 2015
Companies have decided that cyber crime is a fact of life.

When Texas was the Wild West of tech

by Molly Wood and Austin Cross Jun 12, 2015
Before Silicon Valley was Silicon Valley, it was all about Silicon Prairie.

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O.N.E. Yeasayer
O.N.E. Yeasayer

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