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If there’s no deal made by Dec. 31st regarding the fiscal cliff, many of the Bush-era tax cuts will expire, including the death tax. We also look at what the impact of the fiscal cliff could mean for Wall Street. All the talk surrounding the possible port strike this week got us wondering aboout what a longshoreman does. Unilever has announced that it will remove tiny plastic beads from its soap products by 2015. Stephen Beard goes over the underlying themes of this past year in European economics, politics and culture. And David Gura takes a look at music and the economy in 2012.

Between the fiscal cliff and the debt ceiling

President Obama and some members of Congress have returned to Washington from their respective holidays to discuss the impending fiscal cliff and debt ceiling deadlines. But other things worth thinking about are happening, too.
Posted In: Weekly Wrap

What's up (in 2013), Europe?

A look at what's in store for the European debt crisis in 2013.
Posted In: Eurozone, Europe debt crisis

Unilever to dump microbeads from soap

Unilever says it will stop adding tiny plastic beads that act as exfoliants to its soap products by 2015.
Posted In: unilever, sustainability, Environment, soap

What today's longshoremen do

A strike by East Coast dockworkers has been put off at least 30 days. These union members are often highly skilled, and they're critical to vital bottlenecks of global trade: ports.
Posted In: ports, longshoremen, strike

How the markets signal Washington

Come Monday, if there’s no fiscal cliff deal, the best way for people to indicate their unhappiness is the markets.
Posted In: Wall Street, fiscal cliff

Songs of 2012 mirror economic struggle

Pop musicians draw on economic hardship as narrative theme.
Posted In: Music

Estate tax may be back, good news for states

Among the tax cuts set to expire if Congress rolls over the fiscal cliff is the federal estate tax. Some states are looking forward to the old law, which gave them a slice of the tax revenue.
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