Marketplace for 7/24/13 - Middle out

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The president made a big speech about his economic growth plans. He used the phrase 'middle class' more than 20 times. As the low-paid service sector grows and the old middle class shrinks -- can the “middle out” approach help service workers? And American companies have helped employ more U.S. military veterans in the past few years.

Is this recovery? Check the roads for campers, trailers

After downsizing during the recession, one manufacturer sees signs of the recovery.
Posted In: Small Business

Google TV gadget costs $35. Game changer?

Google released its Chromecast TV device today, which will allow consumers to get content from the cloud to their TV.
Posted In: Google, Chromecast, apple tv, roku

African-American hair salons spur 'creative commerce'

Bootstrap entrepreneurs sell their goods wherever they can, including hair salons and barber shops.
Posted In: cleveland, Ohio, hair

Veterans' jobs programs close unemployment gap

New programs from American employers to hire recent veterans has done something remarkable: eliminated the vet job gap.
Posted In: military, veterans, Iraq war

Caterpillar's hole: What's it mean for the economy?

Profits at the big CAT are way down. Mining seems to have hit a wall.
Posted In: Caterpillar, mining

Middle out: Obama's economy and the service sector

As the low-paid service sector grows and the old middle-class shrinks -- can the 'middle out' approach help service workers?
Posted In: Barack Obama, middle class

Aaron Hernandez case could change NFL offseason

The NBA instituted some strict and professional guidelines after the news media spotlighted misdeeds by basketball players. Will the NFL do the same?
Posted In: NBA, NFL, Aaron Hernandez

What can one share of Berkshire Hathaway buy you?

At $174,000 per share, you can buy a lot of DQ Blizzards.
Posted In: Berkshire Hathaway

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