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Marketplace Weekend for Friday, August 1, 2014

This weekend, host Lizzie O'Leary talks with Quartz reporter Tim Fernholz about the debt crisis in Argentina. Marketplace Tech host Ben Johnson explains the rise of messaging apps. If you shop at one of the 71 Market Basket grocery stores in New England, almost every one had protests this week in support of the former CEO. Reporter Rupa Shenoy explains why. Wonder what sanctions actually do? Sheryl King, Senior Director and Roubini Global Economics, explains the impact. The cost of child care has doubled since the 80s, Danielle Kurtzleben and The Street's Lauren Lyons Cole explain why and what you can do to lower costs. And, it's time to admit it, we have reached peak kale. Food writer Jane Black looks back on the cruciferous green's history to explain how it became the latest food fad.

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