Google and Apple’s complicated relationship, and Meta’s chance to return to China
Nov 17, 2023

Google and Apple’s complicated relationship, and Meta’s chance to return to China

Anita Ramaswamy of Reuters joins Marketplace's Matt Levin to discuss the biggest tech stories of the week.

On today’s Tech Bytes, our review of the week’s biggest headlines, Meta strikes a preliminary deal with Chinese videogame maker Tencent, giving the company a chance to return to China 14 years after Facebook was banned there.

We also talk about the ransomware attack on a major Chinese bank, and how the Biden administration thinks American companies should respond to cyber extortion.

But first, a look at the recent revelations on Google and Apple’s complicated relationship. Earlier in its federal antitrust trial, Google said it paid Apple $18 billion a year to be the default search engine on iPhone web browsers. The government said that’s $18 billion worth of evidence of anticompetitive behavior. This week, a witness for Google accidentally disclosed the company was sharing 36% of ad revenue it made from Safari browser searches with Apple. Whoops!

Marketplace’s Matt Levin discusses these stories with Anita Ramaswamy, columnist at Reuters Breakingviews.

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