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Marketplace Morning Report for Tuesday, June 21, 2011

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Marketplace Morning Report for Tuesday, June 21, 2011

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Economy 4.0

An oasis of sustainability

by David Brancaccio Jun 21, 2011
The United Arab Emirates -- home to oil wells and air conditioners -- decided to build the world's most sustainable city. Then the financial crisis hit.

'Smart pack' encourages social networking among e-cig users

by Sean Cole Jun 21, 2011
Blu Cigs, a brand of electronic cigarettes, is coming out with a "smart pack" that will alert you when you're in the presence of other users.
BBC World Service

Growing markets make room for new manufacturers at Paris Air Show

by Theo Leggett Jun 21, 2011
Both Boeing and Airbus have announced that their long-held dominance of the airplane market is over, as new manufacturers see an increase in orders.

Nortel delays patent auction

by David Gura Jun 21, 2011
Nortel was planning to auction off 6,000 patents on Monday, but so many big players from Google to Apple want in that the auction's been delayed.

Financial flight in Russia fueled by election fears

by Peter van Dyk Jun 21, 2011
Nine months before Russia's presidential election, much of Russia's investor capital is flowing out of the country because of investor uncertainty and anxiety.

Global tensions over Greek pensions

by Stephen Beard Jun 21, 2011
Emotions continue to escalate over Greece's unsustainable economic future, especially from Germany. The country is responsible for much of Greece's fiscal assistance, and many Germans resent Greece's generous public sector pensions.

Labor deal tops agenda for NFL owners

by Jeff Tyler Jun 21, 2011
NFL owners will begin an extended meeting today in hopes of finding an agreement over a new labor deal. If they can't strike a deal with players, the season will be cancelled.

Chrysler misses opportunities in smaller cars

by Eve Troeh Jun 21, 2011
Consumer Reports has released its newest reviews of Chrysler this morning. While the automaker gets mostly praise in the report, car sales numbers show that Chrysler still has room to grow in the small car market.

Lawmakers to discuss cyber attacks

by Marketplace Staff Jun 21, 2011
Leigh Williams, president of BITS, a division of the Financial Services Roundtable, discusses the banking industry's increased cyber security and today's hearing on Capitol Hill.

Federal Reserve grapples with economic reality

by Marketplace Staff Jun 21, 2011
Juli Niemann, analyst at Smith Moore and Company, explains what's expected from this week's Fed meeting, and why the central bank is having trouble gauging the economic landscape.

Quick elections, bigger unions?

by Eve Troeh Jun 21, 2011
Labor regulators have proposed new rules that would dramatically speed up the process of union elections -- a move that could help struggling unions find new membership.

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