Marketplace Morning Report for Thursday July 03, 2014

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The New England Journal of Medicine is out with a new analysis of people with health insurance because of the Affordable Care Act. The number: 20 million. We dig into it and look at the folks who bought health coverage directly from insurers. Who are these 5 million people? Also, one in five people in their 20s and 30s is living with their parents, up from one in 10 a generation ago. We talk to Chris Farrell about the pluses and minuses of multigenerational households. And after, we talk to Mitchell Hartman about older workers, 55 and up, who are working for much longer before retiring than their parents did. What does this mean to the workforce as a whole?

Finding a job isn't just a young person's problem

Workers over 55 are finding difficulty returning to the work force.
Posted In: Jobs, jobs report

PODCAST: Jobs are up for June

The jobs report for June, the older generation of unemployed workers, and President Obama on Marketplace.

Five million stick to private health insurance

The New England Journal is out with a new analysis of those with health insurance.
Posted In: Health care and insurance, health insurance exchanges

Bank risk-taking 'unfinished piece of business': Obama

The president says work remains to "re-balance the economy sensibly".
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