Jan 14, 2011

Marketplace Morning Report for Friday, January 14, 2011

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Geithner meets with corporate executives to discuss streamlining the tax system

Jan 14, 2011
It's been 25 years since the last overhaul of the U.S. code. But some think the economy and the politics are finally aligned for another overhaul. John Dimsdale explains.

Tunisian citizens protest the President, lack of civil liberties

Jan 14, 2011
In the North African Mediterranean country, Tunisia there is a general strike following a month of deadly violence. Protesters have taken to the streets, protesting food prices, unemployment, the lack of civil liberties and the President.

KPMG offers an accounting degree program for British high school grads

Jan 14, 2011
The accounting giant KPMG has launched a new scheme: offer British high school graduates free college tuition, accommodations and a yearly salary of $30,000. The catch? The degree program is in accounting. Stephen Beard reports.

December retail sales up six-tenths of a percent

Jan 14, 2011
The Commerce Department reports retail sales were up six-tenths of a percent for the month. Jill Schlesinger explains.

Gary Shilling: U.S. corporate tax rate

Jan 14, 2011
Jeremy Hobson speaks with economist Gary Shilling about Timothy Geithner's discussing the nation's corporate tax code with business leaders.

Bank dividends could be back, according to analysts

Jan 14, 2011
For a couple of years, big banks stopped paying out dividends to their investors. But with big profits returning to the banking sector, analysts say those dividends could be back.

IRS website offers free online tax preparation

Jan 14, 2011
Beginning today, taxpayers with lower incomes can go on the IRS website and prepare and file federal tax forms for free. John Dimsdale reports.

The outlook on food prices

Jan 15, 2011
Food prices are climbing higher and higher. Adriene Hill explains what's going on to Steve Chiotakis, and talks about who might be profiting from the price spike.

In Riviera Maya, tourism may be hurting the attraction

Jan 15, 2011
Tourism along Mexico's coast is expected to grow in 2011. It's helping the country's suffering economy, but continued development may also be hurting the area's main attraction: the coral reef and beaches. Eve Troeh reports on how the government is trying to respond.

Banks' profits may include reserves -- but that may be a good thing

Jan 15, 2011
As banks start to report their earnings for the year, some analysts may warn that the numbers a bit inflated because the banks are counting the reserves they set aside before the meltdown. But counting those reserves now isn't really being untruthful, report Bob Moon.

Putting tax refunds on prepaid cards could benefit government

Jan 15, 2011
The government is offering Americans who earn less than $36,000 to get their tax refund on a prepaid card. It'll be useful for customers without checking accounts, but as David Gura reports, it's also mostly at the benefit of the government itself.

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