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Apr 26, 2006

Marketplace AM for April 26, 2006

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Bush takes on high gas prices

Apr 26, 2006
President Bush proposes to bring down the growing cost of gasoline by diverting oil tapped for reserves and streamlining the approval process for new refineries. Sarah Gardner looks at whether these steps will offer relief at the pump this summer.

Paying for college

Apr 26, 2006
May 1 is the deadline to accept most college offers and with that yes comes a big financial bill. As Nancy Farghalli reports, the competition to help families pay is heating up.
Harvard University students chat in the quad on campus
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Bank of Wal-Mart

Apr 26, 2006
It's now up to the FDIC to decide whether Wal-Mart can go into the banking business. Commentator Robert Reich asks, what's wrong with a Bank of Wal-Mart anyway?

Foreign clout

Apr 26, 2006
Lawmakers are set to begin discussing ways to tighten scrutiny of business deals involving foreign companies in the wake of the Dubai Ports World imbroglio. But as Steve Tripoli reports, some businesses are saying not so fast.

Microsoft gets in the game

Apr 26, 2006
Microsoft has bought an advertising agency that has a modern day twist. Think ad placement in your video games. Scott Tong explains.

SBA shake-up

Apr 26, 2006
The oft-criticized head of the Small Business Administration Hector Baretto has stepped down. Rachel Dornhelm looks at the challenges his likely successor, Steven Preston, will face.

Tax Freedom Day

Apr 26, 2006
For the average American taxpayer, wages earned between the start of the year and today will all go toward paying off his tax bill. This year's Tax Freedom Day falls three days later than last year's. Are we paying more taxes? Hillary Wicai has the answer.

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