Marketplace Money for Friday, July 26, 2013

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This month, we're devoting Marketplace Money to the basics — concepts like banking, savings and debt. Bonds, stocks, diversification, index funds, active vs. passive. Investing is one of those financial topics that requires understanding a whole lot of terms. Then, you have to understand yourself. How much risk do you want to take? How much confidence do you have? What’s your time horizon? This week, a guide to investing.

Socially responsible investing: Can you make money while investing mindfully?

Socially responsible investing, or SRI, is the practice of investing in companies that share moral and political philosophies that align with your own. It makes sense to a lot of people, but does it also make money?
Posted In: socially reponsible investing

Your questions on investing answered

403bs, mutual funds, active investing and answering other questions on investing.
Posted In: questions, advice, Investing

Investing terms and questions explained

What's a bond? What's a stock? How do you choose a retirement plan? We're here to help.
Posted In: Investing, advice

Four Investing Tips

Here's an investing recap of tips and strategies from this week's show.
Posted In: Investing, advice, tips

Avoiding pitfalls in active investing

Many investor prefer actively picking stocks and bonds or hiring a money manager to select stocks. So what should you know?
Posted In: Investing, active investing, advice

The battle between active versus passive investing

Should you research individual companies or take the 'set-it and forget it' approach to investing?
Posted In: Investing, advice, active investing, passive investing

Investing tips from our listeners

Marketplace Money's Facebook followers send in tips of their own
Posted In: Investing, advice

Book picks for your summer reading list

Need a book that can help your finances too?
Posted In: Books, summer reading

Money mysteries solved

Explaining some terms, phrases and concepts about money you might hear everyday, but not fully understand.
Posted In: money mysteries, explainer, FDIC, piggy banks

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