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A week after Election Day, here’s what to keep an eye on
Nov 10, 2020
Episode 318

A week after Election Day, here’s what to keep an eye on

We'll talk about runoffs, polls, lawsuits and who's making money from it all in this postelection roundtable.

Election Day was a week ago, but you’d be forgiven for feeling like it’s been forever.

Early voting started more than a month ago, and most news organizations didn’t declare Joe Biden the winner until three days ago, and it’s not over yet.

President Donald Trump is unwilling to concede the election, he’s getting support from key Republican colleagues, and his campaign is filing lawsuits in battleground states with unsubstantiated allegations of fraud. Pollsters are starting their post-mortem even as control of the Senate rests on two runoff elections in Georgia.

Today Marketplace’s Kimberly Adams joins us from Washington to sort through all this. We’ll discuss her key takeaways from the election, what it means for the economy, which storylines need a little more nuance and who’s making money off it all.

Later, we’ll hear from a few of you: one listener’s reaction to Kamala Harris’ historic role as vice president-elect, another’s thoughts on the American “rural-tocracy” and one frontline worker who can’t imagine spending all day on Zoom (us too, pal).

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Here’s a list of everything we talked about today:

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