Episode 292
Oct 5, 2020

What’s it going to take to get another COVID relief package?

Goldman Sachs is tying its growth forecast to a potential "blue wave."

U.S. markets rose on President Donald Trump’s claims he was recovering from COVID-19, but the stock market isn’t the economy. For real economic growth, Goldman Sachs is looking ahead to Election Day, when economists there say a “blue wave” could portend faster economic growth because it makes a new coronavirus relief bill more likely. We’ll talk about it. But first: With the last big blockbuster taken off the schedule for 2020, Regal Cinemas is shutting down and 48,000 people are out of a job. At least we have Doggface208.

Here’s a list of what we talked about today:

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The team

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Jody Becker Interim Senior Producer
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