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Twitter unveils advertising platform

Apr 13, 2010
Since Twitter's users exploded into the millions, there have been questions about how the site would make money. A new ad plan may have some answers. Rico Gagliano reports.

Content makers see money in iPad apps

Mar 30, 2010
The iPad has been widely hailed as just the thing to convince people to pay for online print media. Newspapers and magazines are showing high interest in developing apps. And Rico Gagliano tells us who else is getting involved.

Movie theaters take on live simulcasting

Mar 26, 2010
For the first time in the U.S., the Ultimate Fighting match will air live in movie theaters. Most cinemas aren't equipped for live simulcasting, but Rico Gagliano reports why that's about to change.

Universal lowers CD prices to up sales

Mar 18, 2010
CD sales are down almost 16% this year as fewer people buy compact discs. But one major label has plans to try and sell more CDs. Rico Gagliano reports.

Checked bag fees lead to cabin chaos

Mar 17, 2010
Passengers flying these days pay for things like meals, pillows and blankets, and of course to check a bag. But some in the airline industry say that last fee has led to some unintended consequences, and want Congress to step in. Rico Gagliano reports.

Cases galvanize libel reform movement

Feb 23, 2010
Some libel cases in the U.K. have generated lots of controversy, and reactions that have sprung up as a result could have international impact. Rico Gagliano reports.

The surreal life of a celeb doppelganger

Feb 19, 2010
Ever been told that you look like a certain celebrity? For some people, being a celebrity lookalike is actually a job. But Rico Gagliano reports it can be tough when your work depends on a famous stranger's career.

Madonna may team with Macy's for line

Feb 16, 2010
Madonna is reportedly in talks to license her name for a fashion line to be sold at Macy's. Rico Gagliano reports she's one of the biggest in a long line of celebrities to dive into the fashion world.

Will Toyota's TV apology ad help?

Feb 10, 2010
With all of its recall issues, Toyota has a lot of explaining to do. But before that, the company is doing some apologizing in the form of a TV ad. Rico Gagliano looks into the history of corporate mea culpas to see how Toyota's stacks up.

What else can airlines charge us for?

Feb 9, 2010
American Airlines has announced that economy-class passengers on its domestic flights will have to pay $8 for a blanket and pillow. Our Marketplace Players wonder what's next.