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Sneaker Collaborations

Feb 26, 2021
Air Jordans may be the most well-known sneaker collaboration. That is, a design collaboration between a shoe brand and another high-profile brand.

Corporate Memphis

Feb 25, 2021
A lot of tech startups use a similar design style. It's known as "Corporate Memphis," and now that you know about it you're gonna start seeing it everywhere.


Feb 24, 2021
Social media app Clubhouse is kind of like a big cocktail party, in audio form.

Consumer Confidence

Feb 23, 2021
If you want to know how people are feeling about things, even something as big and cumbersome as the U.S. economy, you've got to ask them. That's what CCI measures.

Federal Lands

Feb 22, 2021
The U.S. federal government controls about 30% of the nation’s more-than 2 billion acres of land area, and most of that land falls across the western states.

Doc Martens

Feb 19, 2021
Doc Martens recently went public on the London Stock Exchange, proving their industrial-chic style continues to stand the tests of time.

Short Selling

Feb 18, 2021
GameStop shined a spotlight on short-selling, which is when investors bet the share price of a company will go down.

Harriet Tubman

Feb 17, 2021
Harriet Tubman, the most famous "conductor" of the Underground Railroad, could be featured on a new design for the $20 bill.

Mardi Gras

Feb 16, 2021
In New Orleans Mardi Gras accounts for millions of dollars in spending each year. It also costs a fair amount to put on the party. But locals say it more than pays for itself.

Presidents Day

Feb 15, 2021
Today is Presidents Day, a holiday that never falls on the actual birthday of any American president. Here's why.