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G.I. Joe

Jul 23, 2021
There’s a new G.I. Joe movie out this week. Let’s look back at the how the world’s first action figure came to be.

Hurricane Hunters

Jul 22, 2021
The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has a small group of scientists who study big storms from the inside. They travel in special airplanes called hurricane hunters.

Letter Paper

Jul 21, 2021
The standard dimensions of American letter paper (and even PDFs) goes back to early paper production.

Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act

Jul 20, 2021
Kids spend a lot of time on the internet. COPPA is the law that aims to protect their online privacy.


Jul 19, 2021
Drought costs billions of dollars a year in agricultural losses and higher prices for water.

NBA Salary Cap

Jul 16, 2021
The NBA is wrapping up its season, so let's talk about the league's salary cap.

Angela Merkel

Jul 15, 2021
Angela Merkel, Germany's first female chancellor, is known for her fiscal austerity in the face of economic crisis.

Bastille Day

Jul 14, 2021
In France, Bastille Day marks the anniversary of the French Revolution.


Jul 13, 2021
The Crock-Pot gained popularity in the 1970s when Rival Manufacturing started marketing the slow-cooking device to working women.

Calgary Stampede

Jul 12, 2021
Calgary is also known as Cowtown, a nickname derived from the city’s century-old summertime tradition the Calgary Stampede.