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Beige book

Apr 20, 2022
The Federal Reserve publishes the Beige Book eight times a year. It's a qualitative report known to some as the "ask your uncle" survey.

Aging workforce

Apr 19, 2022
The working-age population in the United States is shrinking.

Income tax

Apr 18, 2022
Congress had to amend the Constitution to be able to tax personal incomes. Today, it's the largest source of federal revenue.

Middle Class

Apr 14, 2022
The middle class is shrinking. Here's what that means.

The word economics

Apr 12, 2022
The origins of the word 'economics' goes all the way back to Ancient Greece and a guy you've probably never heard of.

Movie theaters

Apr 11, 2022
The pandemic has forced a recasting of the movie theater business.

Farmers Markets

Apr 7, 2022
Today there are more than 8,000 farmers markets around the United States. They're a way for farmers to sell directly to local customers.

Electric Vehicle Infrastructure

Apr 5, 2022
As more people get electric vehicles, they’re gonna need a place to charge them up.


Apr 4, 2022
The history of ketchup goes back thousands of years. But the tomato version didn't show up until 1812.


Mar 30, 2022
Homeownership is a big part of the American Dream, but think carefully before you bet the house... on buying a house.