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Business school case study: Debt talks

Jul 25, 2011
Business is all about the art of negotiation -- MIT's Tom Kochan explains how the debt talks are marked by give and take.
Calculating debt

Bond markets remain calm amid debt ceiling debate

Jul 25, 2011
As the debt default date looms, bond analyst Marilyn Cohen explains why so many foreign markets aren't panicking -- even though they hold a lot of our cash.

Wall Street waits to see what happens with debt talks

Jul 25, 2011
New York bureau chief Heidi Moore discusses why markets aren't panicking right now, even though a debt ceiling deal seems pretty far off.
A clock on top of a $100 dollar bill represents keeping track of your money and watching your debt.

Balancing long term debt and short term debt default

Jul 22, 2011
CBS/MoneyWatch editor-at-large Jill Schlesinger explains how Americans have become more open to tax cuts as part of a debt solution.

U.S. mayors put pressure on Congress over debt deal

Jul 22, 2011
Fifty mayors from around the country meet in Los Angeles today to urge Congress to reach a deal and prevent economic trouble at the local level

Senator: Months, not days needed to pass debt deal

Jul 22, 2011
Sen. Kent Conrad of North Dakota says President Obama's proposal to push back the debt ceiling deadline by a few days will not address long-term solutions

White House mulls cuts first, tax reforms later

Jul 22, 2011
To meet Republican objections, the president is floating a plan that would make spending cuts first and tax reforms later

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Economist: 'Gang of Six' has best debt-ceiling plan

Jul 20, 2011
Richard DeKaser, an economist with the Parthenon Group in Boston, explains why he thinks the bipartisan group's 'grand bargain' has the greatest chance at passing.

'Gang of Six' Senators propose debt compromise

Jul 20, 2011
A new package in the works would not only raise the debt ceiling, but would also take a bite out of the nation's public debt. But could it pass in time for the August 2nd default deadline?

Where are women in the debt talks?

Jul 19, 2011
Besides House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, there are no women in the leadership of the debt ceiling debates. Congresswoman Susan Davis, a Democrat from California, says that should change.