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Chinese school defies rigid exam-focused education

Jun 9, 2011
In most Chinese high schools, outdated rote learning is the norm. But one school in Beijing is promoting creativity and independent thinking.

China's university students sometimes slack off

Jun 8, 2011
In China, a student's school years are typically very demanding. But when some students get into university, they start to take it easy.

The downside of exam-based education in China

Jun 7, 2011
Students in China are taking a key exam that will determine their future. But focusing on the exam, the gao kao, may rob students of creativity.

The problem with China's college entry test

Jun 6, 2011
High school graduates in China must take the gao kao. These national college entrance exams decide who gets into the best schools and eventually the best jobs. But as China moves toward a more innovation-based economy, the tests may prove problematic.