Tony Arnold

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Chinese counterfeiters churn out fake U.S. IDs

Sep 20, 2011
High-quality printing plants have been making knock-off cigarettes and over-the-counter drugs for years, and are now getting into state drivers licenses. Customs officials have seized thousands.

Lean manufacturing catches on with small businesses

Jul 7, 2011
The recession forced manufacturers to reconsider their business models. Now more are going "lean."

For some companies, the suburban landscape is losing its shine

Jul 7, 2011
United Airlines is headed out of the Chicago suburbs and into the city -- one of a rash of companies to do so. Tony Arnold explains.

Illinois citizens feel squeezed by state tax hikes

May 27, 2011
Illinois is trying to decrease its $13 billion deficit with tax increases. One citizen understands the need to close the deficit, but says the taxes have pinched her budget significantly.

Roundabouts cause rifts between cities and drivers

May 4, 2011
There are about 2,000 roundabouts in the U.S. now. Proponents say that they cut down on traffic time and are good for the environment. But residents in Chicago, where roundabouts have been popping up lately, aren't convinced.