Mark Crowley

Chief operating officer


I work with great people every day, and I run the business, operations and revenue side of the Marketplace enterprise.

What was your first job?

I worked for my father’s business in Tucson, Arizona. I spent a lot of time working in the hot desert sun.  It inspired me to go to college so I could get a job working in an office with air conditioning.

What advice do you wish someone had given you before you started this career?

I wish someone had told me to be open to new opportunities and fearlessly jump in if it feels right. If it works out, great! If not, you’ve learned what you don’t like doing. Rinse and repeat.

In your next life, what would your career be?

An economist — because they get it wrong all the time and still get to keep their jobs.

Fill in the blank: Money can’t buy you happiness, but it can buy you ______.

Golf rounds … you can never have enough golf rounds.

What is something that everyone should own, no matter how much it costs?

Duct tape. You can repair almost anything with it. It’s a stock item in my prepper/Armageddon survival toolkit.

Need some Econ 101?

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