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Sephora ventures beyond the mall with new store openings

Feb 5, 2020
But it may need a strategy to get a new kind of shopper in the door.
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Small businesses struggle to find workers

Dec 6, 2018
There are more job openings right now than there are job seekers. That has small businesses scrambling to find qualified workers.
Christine and Patrick Hall, owners of Élan Flowers in Manhattan's Soho neighborhood.
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A shelter in the Bronx is shaking up the homeless shelter model by becoming its own landlord

Aug 1, 2018
The economics of housing the homeless is a tricky equation, especially in New York City, which has a right-to-shelter mandate, meaning the city has to provide a temporary bed to anyone who needs it. Because of demand, the city often…
A homeless man sits on the sidewalk on a frigid day in Manhattan in December 2017.
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For online retailers, packaging is all about economics

Mar 6, 2018
Online retailers are trying to cut down on package waste. But designing a new box for everything a company ships takes a lot of time.
Anton Cotaj at ANAMA Package and Container Testing tests boxes on a machine that simulates road conditions.
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More brands are making clothing for people with disabilities

Feb 22, 2018
Target, Tommy Hilfiger and Zappos are taking on adaptive fashion.
Xian Horn in one of her many pairs of  Mary Janes. 
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What will the holidays look like in 2030?

Will late holographic family members join us around the dinner table?

How will technology change war?

Dec 18, 2017
Some tech in development includes autonomous lethal weapons, laser guns and drugs that make soldiers forget.
Visitors look at a prototype of a high-tech combat suit for the Russian army during an exhibition entitled "Russia Focused on the Future" at the Manege Hall in downtown Moscow on Nov. 6.

What tech can — and can't — do to prevent and put out wildfires

Dec 14, 2017
A Berkeley lab is using drones and LiDAR to map fire fuel and understand how it burns.
Firefighters light backfires as they try to contain the Thomas wildfire in Ojai, California, on Dec. 9.

Ajit Pai's new internet

The FCC is expected to vote to eliminate net neutrality. We talked to the chairman about what the internet might look like if that happens.
Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai arrives for his confirmation hearing for a second term as chair of the commission on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C.
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Could municipal broadband provide another way online if net neutrality rules go away?

Dec 12, 2017
What would city-provided internet look like? And how much would it cost?
Protesters gather on Boylston Street in front of a Verizon store during a Net neutrality rally on Dec. 7 in Boston, Massachusetts.