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A startup that's capitalizing on the untapped hair extensions market

Nov 13, 2017
Mayvenn, an e-commerce platform, allows stylists to sell the accessories directly to their clients.
Hair extensions and wigs are a $5 billion market in the U.S.
Miguel Mediina/AFP/Getty Images

Is the Amazon Key a sign of our lock-less future?

Nov 8, 2017
Maybe those metal keys will stay in your junk drawer forever.
Amazon's Cloud Cam works with the Key.
Image via Amazon

Silicon Valley once sold little more than microchips. How did it become the capital of tech?

Nov 7, 2017
Historian Leslie Berlin's new book explores Silicon Valley's transformation into a tech hub.
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images
New iPhone X sits on a dock at an Apple showroom in Sydney on November 3, 2017

How social media exacerbates the racial divide

Nov 1, 2017
Facebook's general counsel told Congress that Russian propaganda remains a problem.

Can technology make the census more accurate?

Oct 31, 2017
The census influences how hundreds of billions of dollars are spent. Will reaching out online improve the response rate?
Forms for Census 2010 are displayed during an event April 1, 2010 in Washington, DC.
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How to protect your business from the latest cyber attack

Oct 26, 2017
Bad Rabbit ransomware has started spreading in the U.S.

Can you really make money while doing good?

Oct 25, 2017
How impact investors hope to change the world while profiting from it.
Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images

The economics of colonizing Mars

Oct 24, 2017
Would it be profitable? One science fiction writer isn't so sure.
An artist's conception of the Phoenix Mars lander on the red planet.
NASA/JPL via Getty Images

Rihanna is filling a hole in the $430 billion beauty market

Oct 23, 2017
Fenty Beauty isn't just for white women or just for women of color — it's for everyone.
Pop star Rihanna worked for two years with Kendo, a beauty brand developer, to create her Fenty Beauty line.
Tony Woolliscroft/Getty Images for Fenty and Harvey Nichols