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Why are housing inventories growing at the higher end of the market in some places?

Feb 25, 2022
As some buyers move from more expensive regions, they have more to spend elsewhere.
"If you’re a seller, it’s a seller’s market," said Gay Cororaton, senior economist with the National Association of Realtors.
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What does hitting pause on the Nord Stream 2 pipeline mean for Europe's energy supply?

Feb 23, 2022
Europe is trying to pivot away from coal and crude oil, and has limited capacity for liquified natural gas.
Workers building a section of the wall of the Nord Stream 2.
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Inflation's already increasing the cost of goods. The cost of services could be next.

Feb 22, 2022
The services sector has been feeling the pinch of higher costs, particularly when it comes to wages.
Wages for workers in service industries like catering and child care have gone up in the tight labor market.
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Lumber prices soar on hot demand and supply bottlenecks

Feb 15, 2022
Tuesday's producer price index shows a 25% monthly gain in lumber prices, but they could come down once supply increases.
Lumber prices were up 25% in January. Strong demand for homebuilding materials is one reason.
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Russia-Ukraine tensions are pushing up oil prices

Feb 14, 2022
U.S. warns Russia, a major oil producer, of "severe costs" if it invades. The conflict raises the risk of a supply interruption.
The cost of oil is nearing $100 a barrel, spurred in part by fear of a supply interruption. Above, a Marathon Petroleum refinery in Texas.
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As air rage incidents soar, a no-fly list for unruly passengers gains support

Feb 9, 2022
Most incidents involve face masks, but alcohol plays a big role too.
Nearly two-thirds of reported unruly passenger incidents last year involved face masks.
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This important interest rate has bounced back to its pre-pandemic level. That's good news.

Feb 7, 2022
The market that sets the rate for the 10-year T-Note is betting that growth will continue and inflation won't last.
The 10 year T-note is nearly back to pre-pandemic numbers.
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Increased costs for small businesses have many mulling 2022 price hikes

Feb 3, 2022
Raw material and shipping expenses have shot up. But price hikes aren't the only way business owners can cover their costs.
Companies big and small are struggling with how best to battle inflation — whether that means passing it on to customers or absorbing the costs.
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Business inventories went up between December and January. That's not normal.

Feb 1, 2022
Part of the problem is our old friend, the congested supply chain.
Supply chain issues caused an excess of inventory after the holidays, posing storage issues for businesses.
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We know the Fed will raise interest rates soon. The question is: how many times?

Jan 31, 2022
It all depends on how much inflation the central bank sees in the economy.
Though guesses vary, the Federal Reserve could raise interest rates as many as seven times this year to curb inflation.
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