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China bounds ahead in gene therapy

Oct 12, 2006
While U.S. research in areas of biotech medicine such as gene therapy has slowed, China is forging ahead. So a trickle of Americans with terminal cancer are seeking treatments there not available at home. Jocelyn Ford reports.

Woman tops China's rich list

Oct 11, 2006
For the first time, in China a woman tops the list of the nation's 500 richest people. Zhang Yin is worth a cool $3.4 billion according to the annual Hurun Report, and her story is literally rags to riches. Jocelyn Ford reports.

Markets react to North Korea nuke tests

Oct 9, 2006
North Korea says it has conducted its first ever nuclear test, in defiance of international opinion. Asian markets fell on the news, but the reaction could be short-lived, Jocelyn Ford reports.

Abe tries to mend the fence with China

Oct 6, 2006
Japan's new Prime Minister Shinzo Abe heads to Beijing for the first summit meeting between his country and China in five years. Jocelyn Ford has more on what the Japanese leader hopes to accomplish.

Communist China contemplates wage gap

Oct 5, 2006
China's Communist Party meets in Beijing this weekend to discuss political and economic issues many Americans would recognize, such as how to maintain social harmony despite big disparities in wealth. Jocelyn Ford reports.

Napster launches in Japan

Oct 3, 2006
Napster today launched its service in the world's second-largest music market. But it's going to take a different approach to sell music downloads in Japan. Jocelyn Ford explains.

Morgan Stanley enters China banking

Oct 2, 2006
The race is on to get a piece of China's $5.1 billion banking industry. Today, Morgan Stanley got a head start over its rivals. Jocelyn Ford reports.

Hollywood tries to undercut bootleggers

Sep 29, 2006
Warner Bros. is employing new tactics to battle China's DVD pirates. It's releasing the "Superman Returns" DVD earlier and cheaper in China, but will it work? Jocelyn Ford reports.

Working conditions in Wal-Mart factories

Sep 28, 2006
Wal-Mart has issued its annual report on how the 7,200 factories it buys from in 60 countries treat workers and the environment. The increased awareness may be helping improve working conditions in China, Jocelyn Ford reports

Bringing down corrupt Chinese officials?

Sep 27, 2006
China's government is warning that a major probe into corruption could bring the downfall of some powerful officials. Jocelyn Ford reports.