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Looking for spiritual direction

Jan 13, 2006
OK, so some Chinese are getting rich. But what do you do once you have it all? In the boomtown of Shenzen, just across the border from Hong Kong, Jocelyn Ford found some residents who are looking for more out of life than money.

Japan's growth

Dec 30, 2005
Japan's Nikkei stock index closed the day, and the year, at more than 100 points above 16,000. That marks its biggest annual gain in two decades, and for the first time in 14 years, it was private investment, not government money, that pushed the economy. Asia bureau chief Jocelyn Ford has more.

WTO wrap-up

Dec 19, 2005
Jocelyn Ford reports on what, if anything, came out of the WTO talks in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong prepares for WTO

Dec 9, 2005
Hong Kong gets ready to welcome 6,000 delegates for the upcoming World Trade Organization conference. China's capitalist stronghold is also getting ready for the protesters that are sure to follow. Jocelyn Ford reports.

The Yin and the Yang of It

Dec 6, 2005
It's an intimidating task, being the lone Marketplace correspondent in the world's fastest growing major economy, and its most populous nation....

Bush visits Mongolia

Nov 21, 2005
George Bush just became the first US president to visit Mongolia. Beijing Bureau Chief Jocelyn Ford explains why Mongolia is nervous about China, and what message Bush's visit might be sending.

Vietnam eyes China's model

Oct 24, 2005
On Monday, Vietnam raise is cap on foreign ownership of domestic companies — a sign that the nation is eager to follow China's model of economic development. Jocelyn Ford reports.