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Hillary Wicai

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Back and forth on immigration

Mar 22, 2007
A bipartisan measure to be unveiled in the House today calls for both increased border security and a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants — but the Senate appears to be stalled on immigration and that could be a big boost for the status quo.

Congress wants a look under the couch cushions

Mar 20, 2007
IRS Commissioner Mark Everson went to Capitol Hill today to explain what the IRS is doing to collect more than <nobr>$345 billion</nobr> that taxpayers owe but it can't seem to find. Hillary Wicai reports.

With prices up, interest rates likely to stay put

Mar 16, 2007
If there were any lingering hopes of an interest rate cut by the Federal Reserve board next week, they were probably dashed by today's Consumer Price Index report. Hillary Wicai reports.

Inflation watch: Consumer prices up again

Mar 16, 2007
Consumer prices exceeded the Fed's expectations for inflation in February &mdash; doubling the January increase &mdash; but policymakers may well leave interest rates unchanged when they meet next week to avoid risking recession.

The Bank of Wal-Mart?

Mar 15, 2007
Wal-Mart says it wants a limited banking license so it can save on credit card payments. But a congressman thinks he's found evidence that the retail giant has something bigger in mind. Hillary Wicai reports.

Bank of Wal-Mart?

Mar 15, 2007
Wal-Mart has a pending application to establish an industrial loan company, but the retail giant insists it's not interested in opening retail bank branches. Now there may be evidence that suggests otherwise.&nbsp;.&nbsp;.

Light bulb maker flips the switch

Mar 14, 2007
Environmentalists have been pushing people to switch to energy-saving lighting for years. Now even the world's biggest light bulb maker is saying it's a bright idea.

Catching up on sick days

Mar 13, 2007
The U.S. is the only economic powerhouse that doesn't guarantee its workers paid sick days. A bill to be introduced in Congress today would change that, but business groups are likely to lobby against it.

Will New Century's fall make waves?

Mar 12, 2007
Subprime lender New Century moved a step closer to bankruptcy as its lenders called in their loans. Track the falling dominos and it might push the whole economy lower, too. Hillary Wicai reports.

A sub-prime epidemic

Mar 12, 2007
The nation's largest independent sub-prime lender may be the latest victim of the housing slowdown. New Century Financial says the banks that keep its money flowing are cutting the lifelines.