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The separation of church and real estate

Mar 14, 2007
The Episcopal Church has been divided over issues such as gay rights, with some congregants leaving in protest. In Falls Church, Va., that split has come down to a property fight. Eric Niiler reports.

Private money now, public funds later

Mar 2, 2007
The FEC has OK'd presidential candidate Barack Obama's request to raise private money for his campaign now, but switch to public funds if he wins the Democratic Party's nomination.

In favor of energy regulation

Feb 27, 2007
Consumer groups are advocating to keep electric utilities under government control. They point to higher rates and energy shortages in states that have deregulated power.

A healthy correlation with taxes

Feb 22, 2007
A new study finds that high taxes and good health go together. Researchers say states with higher taxes spend more money on social programs which ultimately leads to healthier kids.

Honda's odometers go the extra mile

Feb 19, 2007
The company is telling 6 million owners of its cars that their odometers may have rolled up miles too fast. That may have voided warranties before their time. Eric Niiler reports.

Going after waste in defense contracts

Feb 15, 2007
With some tough talk, Senate Democrats introduced legislation today that would tighten rules on defense contractors. Eric Niiler reports.

Outlawing genetic bias in the workplace

Feb 15, 2007
Republicans were able to block it for over a decade, but Congress may finally be ready to pass legislation that'll ban employers and insurers from discriminating against people based on DNA.

Introducing AFRICOM

Feb 12, 2007
Africa is finally getting a little recognition. The Pentagon is creating a U.S. command center for the region in order to, among other things, protect economic interests there — such as oil.

Anybody seen our $12 billion?

Feb 6, 2007
A House committee drilled Paul Bremer on $12 billion in Iraq reconstruction money his agency handed out that's unaccounted for. Congressmen also took the opportunity to voice frustrations with Bush administration policies. Eric Niiler reports.

Holding contractors accountable

Feb 6, 2007
Are we the taxpayers getting our money's worth out of government contractors? Congress takes a closer look at the so-called fourth branch of government this week.