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Eric Niiler

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Bush budget DOA?

Feb 5, 2007
The President's budget arrives on Capitol Hill this morning. He wants to cut domestic programs like Medicare while keeping tax cuts in place, but the plan isn't likely to survive a hostile Congress, Eric Niiler reports.

Searching for peace in Palestine

Feb 2, 2007
Fighting in Gaza has resumed as Middle East peace negotiators prepare to meet today in Washington. Russia wants to lift the economic blockade on the impoverished Palestinian territories, but the U.S. holds the key, Eric Niiler reports.

House probes global warming censorship

Jan 30, 2007
A House panel today investigated allegations against administrative officials pressuring federal scientists to keep global warming references from their research. Eric Niiler has the story from Washington.

Virginia's not for donors

Jan 30, 2007
At least not anonymous ones. Lawmakers in the state are considering legislation that would ban anonymous sperm and egg donations, and that could raise prices for families trying to conceive. Eric Niiler explains.

Airlines named in price-fixing investigation

Jun 22, 2006
Authorities raided an office of British Airways today in connection to price fixing over fuel surcharges. Eric Niiler reports that the British carrier isn't the only company to be caught up in the probe.

Estate tax compromise

Jun 22, 2006
Congressional Republicans are hoping to pass legislation before the July 4th recess to sharply reduce the federal estate tax. Eric Niiler looks at the implications for government coffers.

Lobbying reform stalled

Jun 20, 2006
Former White House aide David Safavian was found guilty today of covering up his relationship with disgraced lobbyist Jack Abramoff. But even as the justice system cracks down on lobbyist influence, Congress still can't police itself. Eric Niiler reports.

Hurricane survivors rally in DC

Jun 13, 2006
Survivors from hurricanes Katrina and Rita are scheduled to rally in the nation's capital today to protest cuts in federal housing assistance. Eric Niiler reports.