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Emma Jacobs

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To curb smoking, France adopts 'neutral' packaging

May 20, 2016
Colorful brand logos are now banned — French cigarette packs must be beige.
A French cigarette package.
Emma Jacobs

France's indie bookstores thrive in the age of Amazon

Jan 28, 2016
Big retailers can't charge significantly less for a title than a bookseller
Jérôme Cuvelier at his bookstore, La Maneouvre, says he did about a million dollars in business last year. 
Emma Jacobs

Philadelphia's Italian market lures holiday shoppers

Dec 23, 2015
Generations of customers stand in line for specialties like cannoli and ravioli.

Rudolph still has a nose for business

Dec 11, 2015
The story of Rudolph and how the reindeer continues to shine bright in ratings.

Canadians head to the polls with oil economy in mind

Oct 19, 2015
Some 36,000 people have lost jobs in Alberta’s energy sector this year.

Canadian election picks up Syrian refugee debate

Oct 15, 2015
Even advocates didn’t expect Syrian refugees to be a high-profile campaign issue.

Green power vs. green power

Mar 6, 2012
Canadian hydroelectric projects could threaten domestic green energy start-ups.