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Schwan’s won customers with its ice cream delivery. A new name and layoffs challenge its legacy 

May 8, 2024
Since 1952, Schwan’s yellow trucks and friendly drivers have been delivering frozen food to households. The industry has become more competitive and crowded and recently, the company changed names and stopped deliveries in most states.
The company’s new name draws on its yellow trucks. “It’s not easy to build a new brand,” CEO Santana said. “But the food and the service is the same, and we will reinforce the new name with our customer base and attract new customers.”
Courtesy Yelloh

Going once, going twice, gone! Farm auctions are moving online, and that's changing a rural tradition

Jun 5, 2023
Farm auctions — a marketplace for knickknacks, farm land and everything in between — are often also social gathering spaces for rural communities. That’s changing as more auctions go online.
Auctioneer Ryan Creamer calls a bid from inside the trailer cab, while Austin Creamer monitors online bidding from a laptop. At this farm auction, Creamer said live auctions with internet bidders are the best selling opportunities.
Elizabeth Rembert/Harvest Public Media