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“Unhappy hour”: Pubs in the United Kingdom introduce surge pricing

Nov 23, 2023
The cost of a pint of beer is going to go up at busier times in hundreds of pubs owned by the Stonegate Group.
The Stonegate Group, owner of the U.K. bar chain Slug & Lettuce, has implemented dynamic pricing — allowing them to charge more at peak times and offer discounts during quieter moments.
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What does tipping look like in the United Kingdom?

Sep 21, 2023
Free health care and a higher minimum wage in the U.K. means that there's less reliance on tips to make up workers' income.
In the U.K., the standard tip is roughly 10% at restaurants, though people won’t leave any extra if they think the service hasn’t been good enough.
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A new recruitment-focused twist on an old festival in Stratford-upon-Avon

Nov 1, 2021
The English town, struggling with a labor shortage like many other parts of the world, revived an old local tradition to help solve the problem.
The mayor of Stratford-upon-Avon opens the Mop Fair.