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Chris Farrell

Economics Editor


Chris Farrell is economics editor of Marketplace Money, a nationally syndicated one-hour weekly personal finance show produced by American Public Media. Chris is also economics correspondent for Marketplace, the largest business program in broadcasting and chief economics correspondent for American RadioWorks, the largest producer of long-form documentaries in public radio. He is also contributing economics editor at Business Week magazine. He was host and executive editor of public television’s Right on the Money. He is the author of two books: Right on the Money: Taking Control of Your Personal Finances, and Deflation: What Happens When Prices Fall. Chris is a graduate of Stanford and the London School of Economics.

Latest Stories (2,377)

What are Chinese Stocks Really Worth?

Jun 11, 2007
Domestic Chinese stocks trade at stratospheric price/earnings multiples. It's essentially a closed market to foreign buyers. There is a search on...

Making Clear the Cost of Credit

Jun 10, 2007
The New York Times has a compelling story on the surge in private student loans. The private student loan market is disturbing. Students are taking...

More Evidence Why the Big Three are in Trouble

Jun 10, 2007
Remember the employee discount pricing come-on of the Big Three? Well, here's more evidence why the Big Three auto companies are in trouble....

Steve Jobs graduation address

Jun 8, 2007
It's graduation season. This Stanford University graduation address by Steve Jobs is one of the best I've ever read. He delivered it in 2005, but...

Frederick Mishkin, author and Fed governor

Jun 8, 2007
Financiers may pocket gargantuan paychecks, but they get no respect. There is a widespread sense that financiers don't create anything of value, at...

Marc Andreessen

Jun 8, 2007
The Internet pioneer Marc Andreessen, co-creator of the web browser Mosaic and co-founder of Netscape, has a blog. It is well worth reading....

Periodic inflation scare

Jun 8, 2007
We're going through a periodic inflation scare. Basically, with central banks tightening (Europe) or standing firm (U.S.), and long-term interest...

Health care reform

Jun 7, 2007
The pressure for genuine health care continues. The good news is that Democratic candidate Barack Obama has come up with a serious approach for...


Jun 1, 2007
I have a review of Pop! Why Bubbles Are Great For The Economy by Daniel Gross. It's a quick read. Time well spent....

Good jobs report

Jun 1, 2007
The jobs report came in better than expected. Payrolls increased by 157,000, and the jobless rate stayed at 4.5%. Government staticticians also...