A screenshot of the workaround to view a user's passenger rating through the ride sharing app Uber. Uber has patched the app to disallow the workaround. - 

Uber, the ride sharing service in business in major cities around the world, lets you use a smart phone to hail a car.

When you use the service, at the end of the trip, you rank your driver on a five-point scale. A driver's ranking determines how much business he gets. Even if he can stay in business, drivers live in fear of too many low ratings.

It turns out Uber drivers can also rank Uber passengers on a scale of one to five. Uber keeps that number secret. But, over the weekend, the website Medium posted a work-around. With a few keystrokes and some copy and pasting, you could find out how you rank.

Unfortunately, Uber got wind of it all and quickly closed the loophole.

I did this last night, though. And not to brag, but I'm a 4.9.

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