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Everybody’s working for the Marketplace Weekend

Lizzie O'Leary Jun 27, 2014

Well, here we go.

Marketplace Weekend. A brand new Marketplace show. Yes, it’s got part of the DNA you know, but hopefully a little something new.

Our goals are context and conversation. Where do you fit in the big news stories of the week? Why do they matter for the future? And how can we invite you to talk to us?

Yep. Backtalk. We want it!

This show does not start when I begin talking into a microphone, and it doesn’t stop when you hear me say, “this is APM.” There are two key segments a week where we want listeners to participate – online and on the air.

The first is with personal finance. We’ll ask a question on the show, invite you to share your experiences, and then talk about them on the air. This week, we’re looking at the “Gray Economy.” Essentially, what you may have done to get by that was a little…outside traditional lines.

Next week, we’re going to talk about the fine print. Has it tripped you up? Helped you out? Weigh in on our site, record yourself and send it in, or tweet us @MarketplaceWknd.

In the second segment, you get to vote a Marketplace reporter off the island! Okay, not exactly. It’s more like voting them ON the island. Like a story you heard on Marketplace this week? Let us know. We’ll bring her or him back on to dig a little deeper. This week, you’ve been sharing a lot of reactions to Washington reporter David Gura’s story on paid family leave. We brought him back on to answer some questions, and share a few tidbits from his notebook that didn’t make it into his original piece.

If you hear a story you want to explore further, just let us know! 

Finally, radio is a team sport. You may hear my voice, or that of another Marketplace reporter on the air, but there’s so much more going on. A fantastic group of people has been working really hard to help get this show on the air.

Yeah, you hear their names in the credits, but here’s another special thanks to Raghu Manavalan, John Sepulvado, Candace Manriquez, Bill Lancz, Paul Brent, Deborah Clark, and our senior producer and my partner in crime, Dan Szematowicz.

Now, let’s do it again next week.

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