Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer speaks during the keynote address during the Microsoft Build Conference on June 26, 2013 in San Francisco, Calif. - 

Microsoft has made public its long-rumored plans for a major reorganization. CEO Steve Ballmer's plan reduces the number of separate business divisions and puts new focus on devices and Internet services, like cloud computing and email software.

Microsoft has been hurt in recent years by the continued decline of the personal computer. However, some say, at its heart, Ballmer's plan is meant to unify a company that has been more of a collection of tech fiefdoms.

"It’s really changing from a product group mentality to a more unified model -- more centralized marketing, more centralized finance strategy," says David Curly, a vice president and senior analyst at Gartner.

Centralizing Microsoft's properties could have a big upside, especially for the developers who actually make the company's games, software, and other products.

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