Movie poster for "The Internship"
Movie poster for "The Internship" - 
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There's always some risk to charting new professional territory and putting yourself out there in a job you've not done before can be intimidating. A new film called "The Internship" explores the idea of starting over in the workforce. It stars Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson as a pair of middle-aged candidates vying for a coveted spot in Google's internship program. Marketplace's tech reporter Queena Kim caught the film.


She says age plays out in some predictable ways in the film -- Vaughn's and Wilson's characters are not very hip on technology and treated poorly because of their age.

Pop culture can sometimes malign older folks and their lack of understanding about new technology. That's a point that Kim says she feels herself sometimes as a reporter who isn't exactly, ahem, a spring chicken.  

So, realistically, could a pair of 40-somethings with no tech background ever have a shot at a Google internship these days? The chances are close to zero.