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There has been a lot of debate already this week on the internal Yahoo memo suggesting all work-from-home employees will, starting in June, have to get out of their pajamas and go into the office. For Yahoo -- a company that is struggling to redefine itself among the Googles, Apples, and Microsofts of the world -- the memo lays bare for its employees a need to work on company culture and collaboration. For employees the change can mean a pain -- either your office space is shrinking or you're having to trade in your slippers and favorite mug for work shoes and the water cooler cup.

I had to work from home a bunch at my last job. I assumed it would be great, but it wasn't. I was still chained to the desk, but in the comfort of my own home -- which quickly lost its homey luster. And even though I was filling my quotas, I wasn't really feeling like I was productive, unless you count creating dirty dishes.

What do you think? Is working from home a dream, or a daymare? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section.

To hear more about Yahoo's new work policy, click on the audio player above. University of Texas sociology professor Jennifer Glass shares her thoughts on telecommuting and work-life balance.

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