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You can see people carrying Christmas trees home every day now as the big holiday draws nearer. But if you haven't bought your tree yet, you still have the job of finding the right lot, the right tree, the right price and, well, that is quite a job.

The National Christmas Tree Association says more than 30 million trees are sold nationwide. Prices and tree variations cover a pretty wide range from a few bucks to well over hundreds of dollars depending on the size and type of tree. Did you know there are 11 types of Christmas trees?

To help make sense of the seasonal business, Marketplace Money host Tony Cox visited Tina's Tree Lot in Sherman Oaks, California, where Tina and her husband, Steve, have been in business for more than 30 years.

To hear what is the most popular type of tree, standard tree prices, and what happens to those trees leftover after Christmas, click the audio player above and happy shopping!