Instagram, the social app that likes to make your pictures look tintypes and polaroids is really going back in time. How far? I’d say around 1995. As of a couple days ago, presumably wearing a flannel shirt and torn jeans, it quietlyrolled out features on its website that go beyond links to download its app. Websites!
Now when you click on a someone’s Instagram picture link, and you’re using a computer, instead of your mobile device, you can leave comments and “heart” pictures. You can also now log into your account and edit your profile using your computer. Engadget reports:


The other tweak is a fresh look for the site, matching the app with a blue, dare we say, Facebook-esque theme and larger images, no doubt to show off those mega-megapixel smartphone cameras. It's likely a first step in unifying its web offering and apps...

One thing you can’t do through the website is upload pictures. That special event is still a function of your phone. And while we’re on the subject of Instagram, let’s take a minute to remember probably the best description of what that company does, courtesy of Marketplace Tech Report guest, comedian Rob Delaney: “It’s almost as if like a thousand little Wes Andersons in their little tailored outfits are tickling you on an old carousel.