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While people may have sweet moments with their dad, apparently there's not enough of them, because people spend $5 billion less on their dad on Father's Day than they do for mom on Mother's Day. - 

Host Tess Vigeland and Sr. Producer Paddy Hirsch do not have children, so they invited David Lazarus of the Los Angeles Times, who is a father, to talk about Father's Day. He aired his grievances over the huge gulf between how much we spend on mom on Mother's Day versus we spend on pops for Father's Day (it's a $5 billion difference!).

David also helped a listener who wants to remove himself for a mortgage he co-signed with a friend -- not because he can't handle the responsibility, but because he's getting married and wants to put money towards a home for him and his wife. The friend is on good financial footing and is comfortable with paying the entire monthly mortgage himself. But he's having trouble getting his name off the mortgage.

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